Fire Safety Plans

Within all divisions at Classic Fire Protection Inc., we offer the preparation of Fire Safety Plans for existing and new buildings.  Along with our clients we work to prepare and implement a plan that exudes clarity, professionalism and the means of executing the safe entry of the fire department and the safe removal of your staff.

Required content for Fire Safety Plans:

  • Schematic drawing and identification of the fire protection equipment.
  • Emergency contacts, responsibilities and departments for the building.
  • Planning procedures for emergency evacuation of occupants.
  • Procedures for fire drills, training of supervisory staff and implemented fire watches.
  • Routine maintenance schedule and responsibilities of fire protection equipment.

Once the plan has been completed and reviewed by the owner for accuracies, we are not finished.  The plan will then be submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction for review and approval. During the approval process Classic Fire Protection Inc will follow up on the status on the plan and keep an open dialogue with our client.  Once the plan has been approved we complete the process by implementing the plan at your location with the identified key people within your organization.

To inquire on this Fire and Life Safety procedure or any of the additional services that Classic Fire Protection Inc., can assist with please contact our office and talk with one of our fire professionals.

Firesafety plans

At least on an annual basis, it is the owners’ responsibility to review and revise the plan accordingly to reflect any changes in the use or other characteristics of the building. The on-going integrity of this Fire Safety Plan must also be maintained in order to conform to the Ontario Fire Code and to ensure occupant safety.

If we can assist in updating or creating a new Fire Safety Plan please give one of our representatives a call to discuss your needs.