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Notifier Fire Alarm Panel Training Course

Congratulations to Mike for attending and completing the 2015 Notifier Programmers Course.  Along with being a master electrician and certified fire alarm technician, he can also add to his skills, a factory trained programmer for Notifier Fire Alarm Systems.

2015 Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Course (ITM)

Congratulations to Brent, James, Brian, Dean and Matt for attending and completing the 2015 Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Course through the Local 852 union.

Great job guys!  Looking forward to all the new information you will be bringing to the Inspection Department.

CASA Long Range Planning Committee

Rick Berwick continues to be a committee member for the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association (CASA) National Long Range Planning Committee. The committee strategizes on compliance in the sprinkler industry while raising awareness for the installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems for residential applications.  The committee also works with Board of Directors to further implement key standards that can be beneficial nationally in the sprinkler industry.

2015 Service Awards and Recognition

Rick Berwick and Classic Fire Protection are proud to announce our 2015 employee service awards to 21 dedicated staff for all their years of quality service.  This year’s employees range from 5 years to 25 years of service at Classic Fire.  We thank you for the years of dedication and quality workmanship you have put forward over the years.

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Come follow us on twitter!  We are featuring a different aspect of our services offered at Classic Fire Protection each month. Safety & Educational tips, routine maintenance, videos and pictures of services we provide.

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Spring 2012 FSSA Special Hazards

Brett Elliott recently traveled to the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) Annual Forum to represent Classic Fire Protection. The FSSA is an organization of manufacturers, suppliers, and designer-installers, dedicated to providing a higher level of fire protection. FSSA members are specialists in protecting high value special hazard areas from fire.

For more information see:

Winter 2011 Employee service awards.

Classic Fire Protection’s President Rick Berwick was proud to present over 20 staff with distinguished service awards for their dedication and assistance to the company and clients. Awards are given for length of service at the 5yr, 10, 15yr and 20 yr increments along with the retirement award for staff that have completed their careers with Classic.

NICET Certifications awarded to members of the Engineering Department.

Recently two members of our engineering department have received NICET certifications in the area of Fire Protection Engineering Technology Water-Based Systems Layout. Congratulations on your achievements to Mr. Quincy Lau Level III, ET (Engineering Technician, November 2011) and Mr. Scott Pugsley Level IV, SET (Senior Engineering Technician, January 2012)

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For more information regarding this rigorous certification process follow:

Fall 2011

Engineering department staff attend continuing education seminars: Knowing that our flows and pressures are the driving force behind many of the costs associated with installing our systems the engineering and design staff continue to seek out courses to improve and reinforce the calculation principles needed. During the fall of 2011, four staff members attended a NFSA technical seminar to address Sprinkler system hydraulics.

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