Restaurant Systems

kitchenIn today’s Commercial Kitchens, higher temperature cooking oils and high efficiency appliances create a potentially dangerous environment that can result in devastating fires. Fires destroy millions of dollars worth of cooking equipment and restaurants every year resulting in the loss of production, decreased property value and in some cases loss of human life. With a properly designed and installed Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System, a fire will be rapidly detected, extinguished and production resumed.

Classic Fire Protection Inc. offers you complete design, installation, semi-annual inspection and 24-hour emergency service for Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems.

Every Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System we offer has been tested and approved in accordance with ULC/ORDC1254.6- 95, UL-300 and NFPA-96 Standards. Classic Fire Protection Inc. is a proud distributor of Range Guard, Ansul R102, Ansul Piranha, Pyro Chem Kitchen Knight II and Amerex Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems. Each system will be designed and installed to meet the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code and the manufacturers specifications.

We Offer:

  • Complete installations.
  • Repairs and upgrades for all ULC listed wet chemical fire suppression systems.
  • Upgrades from dry chemical systems to wet chemical systems.
  • Over-lapping protection for kitchens with appliances that are regularly relocated.
  • Engineered Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems for industrial frying or food production facilities.

For additional information about Wet Chemical Systems or any other fire protection requirements call the professionals at Classic Fire Protection Inc.